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Nothing is quite as versatile as cheese. With so many flavors and textures (over 2,000 known varieties), the possibilities are endless. Cheese can be used for anything from a simple snack to an ingredient in an elegant dessert. The two basic groups that cheese can be divided into are: natural and process.
Natural Cheese
Natural cheese is made from milk or cream. It takes 10 pounds of milk to make 1 pound of hard cheese. An ounce of cheese contains as much protein and fat as one cup of milk. Natural cheese can be divided into two different categories - ripened and unripened.
Ripened cheeses are cheeses which have been aged to some extent. Examples include soft cheeses like Brie, hard cheeses like Cheddar and very hard cheeses such as Parmesan.
Unripened cheeses are also known as fresh cheese. Fresh cheese hasn't been aged and must be stored in the refrigerator. The most common example of a fresh cheese would be cottage cheese.
Process Cheese
Process cheese is a blend of one or more natural cheeses. The cheese is first ground and emulsifiers are added to keep the fat from separating from the solids. This aids the smoothness and allows the cheese to be pasteurized through heating. The result is a product which is less susceptible to spoilage because the aging process has been stopped. Although, most cheese is made from cow's milk, cheese can also be made from the milk of goats, sheep or other mammals. There is even a version labeled 'imitation cheese' that is made from non-dairy products such as tofu, rice starch and lecithin.

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